Fueled by Enthusiasm: Immerse Yourself in the Vibrant Spirit of French Cuisine in the Heart of Toronto

Embark on an Adventure of Taste, Ardour, and Memorable Moments.

About Us

COC | à toi is a gem set in the vibrant pulse of Toronto’s downtown. Our story is one of passion and refinement, born from a desire to combine the indulgent simplicity of classic cocktails, the freshness of oysters, and the celebration of champagne. Influenced by the charm of old-world Paris, we’ve interwoven a tapestry of tastes that define our distinctive identity.

The Sip Shuck Sip Manifesto

At COC | à toi, we’re dedicated to crafting an experience that invites exploration. Every visit unfolds a story – one authored by our passion and personalized by your preferences. From the artful pour of our cocktails and the curated effervescence of our champagnes to the delicacy of our oysters, our venue is an homage to the simple yet sophisticated pleasures of life. Here, we capture the essence of celebration and camaraderie, infusing every moment with a touch of luxury. Come, savour the unforgettable ambiance and let the spirit of joie de vivre guide your journey through COC to à toi.

Our Team

At COC | à toi, we don’t just present a menu; we curate an encounter with luxury and intimacy. Our offerings are a canvas of tradition and innovation, each selection narrating its own Parisian tale. Delight in the craftsmanship of our bartenders and chefs, where the time-honored rituals are passionately executed in a series of surprise and delight.

Our team is the lifeblood of COC | à toi. Each individual of our attentive staff contributes to a singular experience that’s meticulous in approach and generous in spirit.

Welcome to COC | à toi – where every visit is an immersion, every flavour a celebration, and every patron has the opportunity to become the most important person in the room.

The COC Experience

What the COC experience looks like…