Coffee Oysters, & Champagne Menu

Classic Flavours and Contemporary Innovations, Merging Time-Honored Methods with Modern Elegance.

Our Menu

At COC | à toi, our philosophy is centered around a passion for the classic yet innovative, focusing on simplicity and sophistication. We embrace the art of dining, blending traditional techniques with modern flair to highlight the purest flavours. Our offerings celebrate vibrant and fresh tastes, with a commitment to quality local and imported ingredients, ensuring an authentic and memorable experience.

Our Main Culinary Menu

The COC | à toi menu represents the fusion of vision, tastes, and narratives shaped by Isabelle and her allure to be the greatest host. Our offerings come as shareable plates or composed dishes that represent the marriage of local produce and small batch cooking methods.

Elegant Libations for All Events

COC | à toi offers the perfect sip for any moment, be it a balmy summer afternoon or an elegant soirée. With a selection ranging from time-honored cocktails to non-alcoholic concoctions, there’s a refined refreshment to suit every palate.

COC menu

What the COC experience looks like…